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The most unusual dough, which is traditionally used in the East for cooking sweets. It consists of plenty filamentary fibers intertwined together. History of the Kataifi goes back to the XV century, to Lebanon. According to a legend, a woman baking cakes on a hot oven. Spill some milk on top of the dough on the stove, the woman noticed that the dough has changed. She decided to dilute the dough and eventually got Kataifi. The woman added to the dough sherbet and cheese and regaled neighbors. And then Kataifi or, in other words, Kadaif, came from Arab countries to Central Asia and the Balkans, where to this day is one of the favorite treats. For a long time Kataifi was a privilege of the wealthy classes, it was considered a delicacy for sultans. Today Kataifi dough also cannot be attributed to the category of everyday dishes. Dishes made of Kataifi are surely become the best decoration of the table.

With Kataifi you can cook many different dishes:
- Eastern sweets
- Cakes, tarts with berries and fruits,
- Pies with various fillings,
- Greek cakes with seafood,
- Shrimps in gossamer of dough

 Storage and shelf life: at -18 ° C - 6 months at a temperature of 4C + -15 days.

Weight: 0,4 kg

Shelf life: 6 months


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